Szkatułka pełna Sahelu (PL)
Secrets of the Sahel

The author of the book is a cardiologist by profession but a traveler and a photographer by passion. Mirosław Kowalski takes us on an incredible journey across the Sahel, one of the least human-friendly tracts of land. It should be noted that the journey took place and was described before northern Mali became ridden with acts of violence and terror. The author brings us closer to the lesser-known and most compelling achievements of Subsaharan civilizations. He underlines the importance of scientific thought in the university city of Timbuktu, the significance of trans-Saharan trade, the architecture of clay houses, and the value of traditional music. The author describes the tribes living in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger, which he encounters on his way. The members of these tribes welcome him, share with him their lives, habits, and daily activities. This book is for everyone fascinated with Africa.


Secrets of the Sahel was issued by Our Heart Publishing house Warsaw in August 2021 (p.424)

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